Groupe Edisson Construction

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16 Laboule 12
06120 Haiti
Départements d'intervention : Toute la France

Groupe Edisson Construction is a local construction industry, saved legally in Haiti government institution (finance and DGI) and in perfect situation with the Haitian government and private law. Groupe Edisson Construction is involved as General Contractor in Construction, Supervision, Structural Sturdy and Architectural Design, security electronic system, accessibility, Residential and Commercial building and security building.

Groupe Edisson Constructionworks directly with international organizations, agencies and governments to develop infrastructure and improve facilities worldwide. Over the past decade our team has been directly responsible for the successful management and implementation of numerous engineering and construction projects for: ATS (American Telecommunication System), Digicel Haiti, Kera Home, Supreme Group, Brick Walling, Canada Government, Private Sector, international and local Organization and more.

- Architecture et Construction
- Construction générale
- Décoration intérieure et extérieure